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10 ways to relax

10 ways to relax

1. Turn your BlackBerry, iPhone or other electronic device that connects you to work emails and questions, well meaning mothers and friends who wish they were with you, onto ‘Do not Disturb.' A beautiful picture postcard, send with fond thoughts is much better and delightful to receive.

2. Try some Al-Fresco Yogalates on the terrace of your hotel room or beside the beach before breakfast. The endorphins released by some simple poses can calm the mind and create a tranquil space in which to relax. Or a gentle jog may be more your thing, great for scoping out great cafes and things to see later on.

3. Book a massage. After yoga and breakfast, why not treat yourself before lunch and get a massage? There’s something quite indulgent about being pampered and massaged with exotic oils in the middle of the day. Even better, opt for a massage treatment outside in the sunshine.

4. Take your time over lunch. In the working week we often rush through lunch, treating the whole affair as mere necessity. But to keep up your fitness, why not take the scenic route and hire a bike, and follow one of our great routes for walking, cycling, hiking or mountain biking, using our free smartphone App Sports Tracker. Also available for Android, Sports Tracker enables you to track your routes and distances and perhaps beat them next time! Dubrovnik Sun Gardens even has its own Sports Tracker, tailor made for activities in the local area.

5. Read a book. Been dying to catch up on some reading? Well, now’s the time. Saunter back to the hotel or beach, draw up a sun lounger, order a cocktail and dip into that tempting biography or Booker Prize winner you’ve been aching to read.

6. Listen to music. Before you leave (or on the plane) make a playlist of your favourite songs on iTunes. Plug in your headphones, turn your face to the sun and bask in your chosen tunes. Not had time to make a playlist? No problem, try our Relaxing Playlist here.

7. Indulge in a siesta. All the above too active? Close the blinds after lunch, put on an eye mask a la Holly Golightly and snooze away the afternoon, although be sure to at least wake up for cocktail hour…

8. Enjoy ‘Cocktail Hour.' We often rush from work to drinks with friends, but on holiday there’s time to get ready at your leisure and enjoy the process. After your lazy afternoon or siesta, a bright shower is sure to refresh and leave you ready for the evening ahead.

9. Take a walk before dinner. In the Mediterranean, the evening promenade is the perfect way to spend some time with family and loved ones, take some gentle exercise and then watch the sun going down in street side cafes and bars. Take a leaf out of their book and enjoy a stroll around picturesque squares and avenues.

10. Don’t set an alarm. A holiday is a time for rest, to recharge the batteries. Sleep as much as you can, wake naturally and revel in laziness.