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Christmas in Dubrovnik

Christmas in Dubrovnik

It is a time when the whole city glows in the warmth of decorations, carols echo, the aroma of festive specialities fill the air; all under a blanket of a thousand twinkling lights, Christmas in Dubrovnik is a magical time. And Christmas 2014 in Dubrovnik has plenty of gifts under the Christmas tree for everyone. The pearl of the Adriatic is festively polished to look like a diamond for the Christmas season.

Whilst the majority of Europe is under white winter blanket Dubrovnik will be enjoying a typically mild and calm winter period. And while the placid weather might not immediately resemble Christmas the sights and sounds will certainly give you the holiday spirit.

From the 1st of December all the way through till the 10th of January the “Dubrovnik Winter Festival” will be held in the historic city centre. A rich entertainment program will be held in the atmospheric monuments and city palaces during the festival. A huge Christmas tree is the highlight on the Stradun, classic and classy; the main street is always a glorious sight and advent decorations are spread over six locations. The whole of the walled city is decorated with a band of white lights, giving the night sky a glow and offering unique photo opportunities. Imagine being able to tell your friends and family that you have ice-skated in Dubrovnik…yes, ice-skating, during the winter festival an ice-rink will be installed in the old city. And another surprise will be the chance to see snow in Dubrovnik. The warmer winters mean that the city very rarely experiences snow, but this Christmas will be a white one as artificial snow machines will bring a typical Christmas card look to the city.

If you only considered Dubrovnik to be summer destination…think again. Catch a merry concert by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, taste tradition mulled wine, browse the Christmas market, listen to carols under the Christmas tree and even ice-skate, Dubrovnik at Christmas.