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Dubrovnik Festiwine

Dubrovnik Festiwine

A day without wine is like a day without sunshine. The history of Dubrovnik is intertwined with wine. From the Greeks and the Romans to the times of Republic of Dubrovnik, the grape was cultivated and nurtured and its nectar celebrated. In fact one of the most important and treasured products of the Republic of Dubrovnik was its wine. The people put so much importance on wine that in the statute of 1272 there are an amazing 56 laws governing the production of wine. The rulers of the Republic even declared grape harvest time a public holiday so that people had enough time to reap the rewards of a successful season. Wine literally pumped through the veins of the Republic.

From the steep, craggy hills of the Pelješac peninsular to the wide open fertile valleys of Konavle in the south, wherever there was a sundrenched spot there was a vineyard. Red, white and even just recently a sparkling variety, wine is still revered in the Dubrovnik region. With almost 2,700 hours of sunshine a year, abrupt south facing hillsides and meagre soil, the conditions for growing grapes couldn’t be better. God was having a good day when he blessed the Dubrovnik region with all the necessary conditions for wine creation. A day driving along the Pelješac peninsular is a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Stretching like a green finger out into a sea of cobalt blue the peninsular is home to some of the best wines that Croatia has to offer. The mighty Dingač and Postup, both made with the Plavac Mali grape, are the kings amongst the reds. Drive across the peninsular and you come to the island of Korčula, another gem in the region’s crown, and home to the Pošip grape variety, the queen of white wine. As you wind your way across the peninsular you might conclude that every square centimetre of soil is being cultivated…you could well be right. The roots of the grapes don’t just reach deep into the soil they are also embedded into the culture and way of life of this area.

From the 24th to the 26th of April 2014 the wines of the region will be presented at the first ever FestiWine wine festival in Dubrovnik. The festival aims to bring all the best of wines from the province under one roof and highlight the wealth available. Local vineyards, connoisseurs, wine merchants, Oenophiles, sommeliers and wine lovers will all come together in this three day festival. An expert international jury will decide on the medal winners and members of the public will get the opportunity to taste a wide array of regional wines.

FestiWine 2014 will be held in the heart of the ancient Old City of Dubrovnik in the Klarisa restaurant. Seems like the perfect opportunity to indulge your taste buds and sample the best wines the region has to offer…for in wine there is truth…or as the Romans used to say “In vino veritas.”