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October is a wonderful time to experience the richness of the Dalmatian gourmet delights, inspired by fresh, local ingredients and traditional recipes. Dubrovnik Good Food Festival will take place from October 15 to October 21, representing the ideal opportunity for food lovers to discover one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

This year's fifth edition of the festival is dedicated to exquisite dishes, luscious desserts and a rich selection of the best local wines in numerous locations. Explore workshops on preparing Croatian meals such as štrukle and strudel, traditional sweets such as Dubrovnik caramel custard rozata, paradižot (floating island), brittle (croquant) and warm marzipan – a sweet from the time of Držić. If you have ever wondered what to cook, take the opportunity to learn from famous Croatian chefs or take your seat at thematic dinners.

Very enthusiastic foodies may want to lend a hand in the olive groves for the all-important annual harvest – olive oil is an essential part of the healthy Mediterranean Diet - or discover the ˝Story About Beer˝, about the first beer to be produced in Dubrovnik.

The highlight of the Festival is the well-known Dubrovnik Table that stretches along the entire span of Stradun, where many Dubrovnik restaurants, pastry chefs and top kitchens will be presented, putting their knowledge and skills on display.

If you want to entice your taste buds with the finest gourmet offers of the region, don’t miss joining us at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik for the 2018 Dubrovnik Good Food Festival.