Learn to prepare your own! Our three-day Gourmet Classes will introduce you to the wonders of this healthy traditional cuisine. Dalmatian cuisine is attracting increasing international attention and with good reason. 

There are plenty of treats for gastronomy lovers at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik! Its secrets lie in its simplicity, freshness of ingredients and old grandmother recipes, and many guests are enchanted by the cuisine they encounter at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik. Croatia is also one of the world's most fascinating wine regions, home to the original Zinfandel, just one of 130 indigenous varieties on offer.

Wine academy:

From the lush green hills of Istria and open plains of Slavonia, to the rocky coastal and island vineyards of Dalmatia, your sommelier will guide you through a spellbinding journey of history, tasting and wine pairing during our Wine Academy. For the true wine enthusiasts, we have designed an appealing course to expand wine knowledge and sample some of the best Croatian wines.


For some, a chilled glass of white wine is the perfect accompaniment to another legendary Dubrovnik sunset, but for others a superbly mixed cocktail is the perfect companion. Learn to make your own quality cocktails, as well as the secrets of the trade, on our three-day Mixology course. Take the standard ingredients of whiskey, gin, vodka, tequila, cognac and rum on a journey to prepare the world’s finest and most popular cocktails, then emerge with your own certificate and a mixology set at the end of the course. Knowledge gained here will certainly impress your friends at dinner parties back home.

Cooking classes:

Put the aprons on and take the opportunity to cook alongside our top chefs. Even those who are not keen on cooking will agree that the opportunity to cook with prime chefs is an amazing adventure that will open new horizons.

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Children Sports Academy


Children Sports Academy

Sun Gardens Dubrovnik Sports Academy welcomes children aged 7 to 15. There is no better place for them to take part in training programs for their favorite sport – football, tennis, swimming, basketball or enjoy sports camp.

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