Dive into the Blue Wonder of the Adriatic

The ever-changing colours will amaze you, the stunning rock faces will raise your curiosity and the underwater wildlife will dazzle you.

As your diving mask slowly slips below the calm surface of the turquoise sea it becomes obvious in a moment why the Croatian Adriatic Sea is a haven for divers from all over the world. A rich underwater wonderland opens up before your eyes, a never-ending world of brilliant blue. It is no wonder that divers from all over the world flood to Croatia every year to dip their wetsuits into the Adriatic.

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever,” once said the great Jacques Yves Cousteau. He could quite easily have been talking directly about the Croatian Adriatic Sea, a sea that he was extremely fond of. The Adriatic is considered as one of the cleanest in the world. The underwater empire is overflowing with flora and fauna, which combined with the incredible visibility, makes the Adriatic an absolute magnet for divers. There are just over 110 official diving sites dotted along the coastline, a coast that stretches for 5790 kilometres thanks to being one of the most indented coastlines in Europe. And with 1246 islands scattered along this winding shore there are plenty of opportunities for divers. With no extreme tides or even tidal currents and temperatures relatively warm, ranging from 21°C to 25°C in the summer and never dropping below 14°C in the winter months, this is truly a diver’s paradise.

Every dive will offer a new discovery, for diving in the Adriatic is always a journey. The waters around the Dubrovnik region are some of the richest along the Croatian coastline. Sunken warships, undersea caves, fields of coral, schools of brightly coloured fish, octopus, sheer drops in the blue abyss, diving in Dubrovnik is an adventure from start to finish. On the doorstep of the Sun Gardens, Dubrovnik are some of the best diving sites in the county. And with the Elaphite islands, with the glorious islands of Šipan and Lopud the closest, almost a stone’s throw from the resort the options are endless.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, if you are looking for an hour’s dive or a long weekend, the Adriatic in Dubrovnik has something for everyone. Divers come back to Dubrovnik year after year, find out for yourself why!

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