A days fishing in Dubrovnik, the fresh sea air, the aroma of pine trees whistling in the background and placid sea water washing around your toes...let’s face it even if you don’t catch anything you will still have a day to remember.

Big game fishing, spear fishing or just dropping your baited line from a rocky outcrop, you are by the sea so why not try your arm at fishing in the Adriatic Sea. The Croatian Adriatic is abundant with many varieties of fish, from sea bass to tuna, so with a little luck there won’t be any need for fisherman’s tales.

For centuries the Dubrovnik region has lived from agriculture, trade, wine and fishing. These pillars of the culture were, and are today, entwined into the fabric of the society. The sheer richness of the Dalmatian Adriatic brought life and food to the citizens over thousands of years and many of the ancient methods are still alive today. If you want to have the “catch of the day” then follow the wise old fisherman, his spots and his techniques have been formed over centuries.

Both the common sea bream and the white sea bream are fairly common in Dubrovnik waters, order them at a restaurant and they’ll be fresh. And also in medium depth waters you are likely to come across the European sea bass and the scorpion fish. For the more adventurous why not try a day at sea, deep sea fishing for the Bluefin tuna, a few game fishing boats organise all day or half day trips in Dubrovnik.

And for experienced divers the spear fishing is some of the best in Europe. Due to the clear and clean sea water and excellent visibility spear fishing is very popular in Dubrovnik. Divers from all over the world religiously visit Dubrovnik year after year just to spear fish in the turquoise Adriatic. Daily, weekly or monthly fishing licenses are available to buy at all good fishing shops and even online.

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