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Putting the Gardens into Sun Gardens Dubrovnik

You know about the sun, you know about Dubrovnik, now learn about the gardens which contribute to the unique Sun Gardens Dubrovnik version of Paradise.

In addition to glorious views of the Adriatic, resort is also blessed with lots of land to offer guests the chance to walk around and relax in Dubrovnik's natural beauty. Sun Gardens Dubrovnik does just that, with no less than 57,000 m2 of park area in the resort, much of which has been carefully manicured and supplied with aromatic and blooming Mediterranean plants to make guests feel right at home. And where else in the region would you find English grass on the lawns, for example!

The tradition of preserving and highlighting Nature's beauty is long-established in the Dubrovnik region, and the oldest arboretum in Croatia is just down the road at Trsteno, and well worth a visit. And while the plants of Sun Gardens Dubrovnik are not as old as the famous arboretum, they are also a marvel to behold.

The key elements of a Mediterranean garden are light, warmth, simplicity and relaxation, core elements of a stay at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik. The Mediterranean Diet has also been inscribed as UNESCO intangible heritage, and it is the freshness and available of its fruits, vegetables and herbs which makes it particularly attractive. As such, you will find olive trees, pomegranates, rosemary, carob and citrus fruits (oranges, lemons and the Dubrovnik speciality, bitter oranges).

A key element of the gardens has been the intention to blend them into the guest experience. The atrium gardens of the apartments, for example, were conceived as green oases. These can be traversed on existing paths and contribute to the view from the balconies and terraces. The atriums have been given their Mediterranean distinctiveness with the plants mentioned above, as well as cypress trees, loquat, pine, roses, bourgainvillea, oleander, as well as colourful Lantana, Geraniums and Begonias adding a dash or colour to this already aromatic combination.

And it is not just in the gardens where the planting takes place. The range of Crape-myrtle and oleanders planted next to the staircases connecting to the pedestrian streets are an additional attraction for guests moving around their resort, and their long-lasting lavish blossoms contribute to the relaxed nature of your stay.

The green roofs of nearly 5,000 m2 have also become something of an attraction from the air, and they are distinctly visible from planes flying into Dubrovnik, so don't forget to look out as you approach to get your first glimpse of the natural and blossoming beauty of our resort! The green roofs above the conference centre creates a special visual atmosphere of waves of lavender combining with decorative white pebble and dychondra lawn. Similarly, the roof of the Spa Centre is characterised by irregular organic surfaces of different blooming and aromatic plants, once more connecting light, warmth, simplicity and relaxation to the Sun Gardens Dubrovnik guest experience.

The lavish gardens can be enjoyed 12 months a year, with May to October the best time to observe them in full bloom and in all their majesty. They are there for you to enjoy – a walk after breakfast, a stroll before dinner. Inhale the aromas, admire the blossom, get inspired by the herbs – the Mediterranean garden is a sensual experience for all the senses.

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