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Dubrovnik - Destination for all Seasons

Known as “the Pearl of the Adriatic”, Dubrovnik is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, magical at any time of the year. Not just a summer destination, its beauty shines even brighter under the holiday lights as well as in the embrace of a mild winter sun as a spring introduction.

Winter is a wonderful time to travel and explore new destinations. Put Dubrovnik on your winter-break list with our selection of events and activities to help you enjoy Dubrovnik out of season.

Winter months are a wonderful time to discover the richness of the Dubrovnik region and its charm at a slower pace. Simply walking around the Old Town in its quieter mode has a special atmosphere of its own. Add to that the joy of local families coming together to celebrate important religious festivals and relaxing after the tourist season, and the atmosphere in Dubrovnik is truly special and completely different from the summer months. Get lost in the narrow streets and visit numerous art galleries, cosy cafes and taste specialties of one of the healthiest cuisines of the world.

When temperatures drop, the city comes alive with the annual Dubrovnik Winter Festival whose rich cultural and entertainment programme entices visitors and locals alike. The 5th edition of the Festival will start on December 1st featuring top concerts on the world's most beautiful stage - Stradun. Admire the advent lights, enjoy hot chocolate or mulled wine at Christmas stalls and embrace the holiday atmosphere filled with music. Looking to experience the authentic feel of the city and see locals truly enjoying themselves while celebrating their centuries-old traditions? Experience traditional Christmas carols and klapa songs every weekend on the main squares in the Old City.

February is the month where Dubrovnik’s revered patron saint, St. Blaise, is celebrated, a time when the Old Town of Dubrovnik is visited by locals and extended families taking part in a centuries-old tradition. It is arguably the most magical and joyful time to be in Dubrovnik, as local people come together to mark the anniversary of the city’s patron saint, with a wonderful collection of concerts, masses, processions and other events, as well as many of Dubrovnik’s finest traditional costumes on display. Don’t miss the impressive Trombonjeri guardians of the city.

Dubrovnik is a gourmet paradise, and one of its culinary secrets is the availability of high-quality local and fresh ingredients. Just a short drive north from the city is the Croatian capital of oysters – Mali Ston. Ston and Mali Ston are also home to the longest fortified wall in the world outside China, and the most important salt pans in the region. A truly fascinating little destination, made all the more memorable by the delicious oyster menus, for which Mali Ston is rightly famous. Don’t miss the Mali Ston Oyster Festival, which takes place in March.

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Dubrovnik Summer Festival

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Dubrovnik Summer Festival

As Shakespeare famously wrote, “all the world’s a stage and all the men and women are merely players.” If one single event throughout the year is synonymous with the city then the Dubrovnik Summer Festival absolutely tops the list.

UNTOLD STORIES – Dubrovnik Maskeron

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UNTOLD STORIES – Dubrovnik Maskeron

The Old City of Dubrovnik is rich in architectural treasures - each different in its own way, signatures of ancient times that create its spark. Many of these architectural ornaments are out of reach, treasured in the Old City in numerous, unexpected locations. Have you ever come upon chimeric stone-carved faces on the ornaments of the Renaissance or on the building during sightseeing in Europe? 

Fisherman’s Tales in the Adriatic

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Fisherman’s Tales in the Adriatic

A days fishing in Dubrovnik, the fresh sea air, the aroma of pine trees whistling in the background and placid sea water washing around your toes...let’s face it even if you don’t catch anything you will still have a day to remember.

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