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Find Dubrovnik information in your language with Total Croatia

If you're looking for a comprehensive guide to Dubrovnik, look no further. Find out all you need to know to plan the perfect vacation.

Tourism in Dubrovnik is a very international business, but it is not always easy to find tourist information about a destination in your native language.

A new tourism initiative by the English-language news portal, Total Croatia News, was launched earlier this year - to give the very best tourism information in several languages, and to answer the questions which people are searching for. What is the currency in Croatia, how to get to Dubrovnik, where to eat, Dubrovnik for kids, where to get a massage, can you pay in dollars in Dubrovnik...that kind of thing. 

A key element of the site are its very detailed destination guides to more than 80 of Croatia's destinations including, of course, its most famous - Dubrovnik.

Sun Gardens Dubrovnik is delighted to partner with Total Croatia in bringing the very best information about Dubrovnik to you, in a language you can easily understand. 

Check out Dubrovnik in a Page, sponsored by Sun Gardens Dubrovnik in English

It is also now available in multiple languages: FrenchSpanishGermanCroatianPolishItalianRussian and Portuguese.

You can check out the entire site via the home page -

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Lovrjenac Fort, ‘The Gibraltar of Dubrovnik’

Events & Culture

Lovrjenac Fort, ‘The Gibraltar of Dubrovnik’

The words of Britain’s most revered bard, William Shakespeare recently rang out in the Fort of Lovrjenac, (or St Lawrence’s Fort in English) during Dubrovnik’s prestigious Summer Festival, making the performance of ‘Hamlet’ at the Fort, a highly desirable event.

Christmas Traditions in Dubrovnik

Events & Culture

Christmas Traditions in Dubrovnik

Christmas in Dubrovnik is a truly magical time to be in this historic city. With a range of events and concerts at the increasingly popular Advent in Dubrovnik festival, a combination of tradition and warm Dalmatian hospitality make December in Dubrovnik an unforgettable experience.

Argosy  - the mighty Dubrovnik ships mentioned by Shakespeare

Living History

Argosy - the mighty Dubrovnik ships mentioned by Shakespeare

Dubrovnik has a rich and proud history, one which visitors can soak up as they walk its magnificent walls and old town, and the Republic of Ragusa, as it was called, was an important – and independent – beacon of trade, diplomacy and influence for many centuries. 

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