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A True Gem of the Adriatic - Korčula City Centre

If these stones could talk - what a story they would tell, as Korčula is a true gem of the Croatian Adriatic coastline.

A walled city, situated on an island bearing the same name, which was first mentioned in the 10th century and every pristine stone has its own special history. Approaching the island from the sea, as many a trader or invader would have done centuries ago, the city stands proudly, a white jewel silhouetted by the lush green countryside. The grandeur of Korčula starts at the very beginning, the entrance feels like you have been transported back to a time of nobility and knights, fanned stone steps leading up to the imposing Revelin Tower.

Once inside the famed walls the medieval city reveals its beauty and its architectural brilliance. The main street runs like a spine through the heart of Korčula with tidy side streets running off at right angles, city planning at its best. It is easy to navigate, lose yourself on a cobbled side street and you can follow your nose back to the main street. And losing yourself is one of the charms, with no traffic to avoid you can discover Korčula safely and at your own pace. Every corner offers a new sight, every square a new cultural treasure. One of these is the house of Marco Polo. The adventurer is reputed to have been born in Korčula; you can even visit his supposed house of birth, just one of the many legends surrounding the city.

Through the years many foreign influences have left their mark on the streets of Korčula, none more so than the Venetian Renaissance. The main plaza in the very centre is St. Mark’s square, and there you will find the city’s cathedral again dedicated to St. Mark, a Gothic-Renaissance building built at the end of the 15th century. Although the history of Korčula can be dated back to the 10th century the majority of what can be seen today derives from the 15th and 16th centuries. Due to the immaculate condition of the houses, monuments, churches and fortifications it isn’t too difficult to imagine just how impressive Korčula would have appeared all those years ago.

Lively cafe bars spill out onto the pavements, quant taverns offer traditional dishes and trendy boutiques all bring a new life to these ancient surroundings. Korčula has a life of its own. Traditions have been respected, cultures nurtured and values preserved. However it is far from being a place that time has forgotten, on the contrary, just as through its history Korčula has adapted. The historic centre has a chic and elegant feel. Korčula is a city waiting to be explored.

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