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Adorable Šipan - the Island of Olive Groves and Ancient Churches

The largest of the fabled Elaphite islands and one of Dubrovnik's most popular day trips, Šipan is known for its famous wines, relaxed nature and so much more.

Like a green whale slowly dipping out of the turquoise blue Adriatic Sea the island of Šipan is a constant reminder of the beauty of the Dubrovnik coastline. The largest island in the Elaphite archipelago, a group of islands that although rest on the doorstep of Dubrovnik are a sanctuary of tranquillity. Hidden beaches, olive groves, stunning walks and ancient churches the island has it all. Interestingly there are also many historic summer residences on the island that were constructed by the noble families of the Republic of Dubrovnik. The nobility, looking for their escape to the country, decided that Šipan was perfect choice. The island fell under the reign of the Republic in 1426.

In many ways Šipan could be described as an untouched island, an island that had managed to keep its traditions and culture over centuries. A long green finger in the Adriatic Šipan has two settlements, Suđurad on the eastern end and the Port of Šipan on the west. Both have a long and wealthy history, a history intertwined with that of Dubrovnik. And whilst both are worth a visit it’s the centre of the island that for many is the most fascinating. Rolling vineyards, lemon and orange orchards, olive groves and Cypress trees, rich soil and an abundance of sunshine means the untouched island is also a very fertile one. The vineyards of the island produced fine wines that could be found on the tables of the aristocracy of Europe in the middle ages. Get off the beaten track and discover the hidden gems on Šipan.

Just a short ferry ride from the centre of Dubrovnik the island is a great spot for a daytrip, whether with the whole family or for a couple looking for a romantic getaway. You can go with the boat in the morning and spend your day on the beach on Šipan, or go sightseeing around the island, or you can do both and be back in Dubrovnik in the late afternoon just in time for your evening meal. Or why not take a few days to fully relax and explore the island, the Hotel Šipan, located in picturesque 16th century fishing village of Šipanska Luka is the perfect choice. Find out for yourself why Šipan has been treasured over the years, you’ll have a day to remember.

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