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Dubrovnik Jewellery – Golden Moments

Gold, silver or coral - Dubrovnik goldsmiths have developed their craft over the centuries offering you the chance to take a special piece of history home with you.

Since the time of the Dubrovnik Republic, gold has had an important role in the function of the city. Dubrovnik had a reputation throughout all of Europe as a leading hub for goldsmiths and aristocratic families fought each other to obtain jewellery from the city. Goldsmiths in Dubrovnik developed their art of crafting over centuries and their high quality jewellery, both gold and silver, turned the heads of European courts.

During these exhilarating times for the Dubrovnik Republic the goldsmiths were concentrated around one street in the ancient city, Zlatarska ulica or in English Goldsmiths’ Street. Jewellery paid an important role in society, used for traditional costumes as well as gifts for religious events. Craftsmen would meticulously toil to create exceptional filigree details. And although the Goldsmiths’ Street is no longer the heart of the jewellery trade there are still a handful of shops dotted around the historic core where you can see this trade today.

The decorative earrings “rečini” that were once produced in the times of the republic are still made to this day. These ball-like earrings are extremely complex and require hours of painstaking work from gold masters. Throughout history these earrings were worn by brides or at gala events, this ritual is continued today in the region. And, as in times gone by, these creations are sought after all over the world, Hollywood actress Gillian Anderson and Princess Rania of Jordan have both been seen wearing “rečini.” And for the men golden cufflinks, or “puce,” have also been made in Dubrovnik for centuries. Once again the rich and famous have purchased their own piece of Dubrovnik history, the actor Morgan Freeman has golden “puce” in the shape of the old city of Dubrovnik.

Whether it is gold, silver or even coral Dubrovnik offers you the chance to take a special piece of history home with you. Whether for a loved one, a special occasion or as a souvenir Dubrovnik jewellery will always remind you of your time in the city.

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