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Dubrovnik - The Jewel of the Adriatic

Lord Byron described Dubrovnik as the ‘jewel of the Adriatic’ and its bewitching mystery and beauty led George Bernard Shaw to consider its sublime setting as a ‘paradise on earth.’

As you overlook Dubrovnik from the cable car at Mount Srd, the terracotta roofs, ancient walled ramparts and 1,000 year old port, paint a fairy tale picture of a city prospering in Croatia’s current tourist boom. The calm, beautiful waters of the Adriatic are completely clear around Dubrovnik due to the anti-clockwise current; nature’s magical trick for the Southern Dalmatian coastline. 

A glowing introduction indeed, to this most wonderful of cities, irresistible to even world weary travelers, replete again, as its treasures and delights are displayed in all their elegance in a climate that is pleasant all year round. Walk along the wide marble streets, visit Baroque buildings, revel in a past which reflects Roman, Byzantium and Venetian influences, retrace Napoleon’s steps as you marvel at the beauty of the city and enjoy Dubrovnik’s chic European lifestyle.

There’s something to appreciate all year round, the spectacular Easter processions through the medieval streets of Korcula in the spring, the prestigious Summer Festival in July and August and the temperate climate, meaning the Adriatic is still warm enough for swimming along this idyllic coastline until October. Christmas time sees the Old Town come alive with festive lights and joie de vivre, the walls and ramparts surrounding this sublime city slumbering peacefully as they stand silent, protectors of Dubrovnik’s ageless charm.

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Dubrovnik Advent Time

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Dubrovnik Advent Time

Even if you loved your visit during the famous summer months, Dubrovnik has a special glow in December that will steal your heart. The city is dressed for the holidays with seasonal decorations and hundreds of glittering lights, and impressive Christmas trees adorn the city's iconic locations.

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