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Picture Perfect Cavtat, a Quaint Dalmatian Seaside Town

Medieval churches, tight cobbled streets, manicured gardens, palm-lined promenades and bobbing fishing boats, Cavtat epitomises a quaint Dalmatian seaside town.

Cavtat has a rich and impressive history, a past that even outdates its larger and more popular neighbour, Dubrovnik. In fact some of Cavtat’s early inhabitants established Dubrovnik. The city started life as a Greek colony before falling under the rule of the Romans in 228 BC, in those days it was known as Epidaurus, a name that you will often see around the town still today. Then after helping to form Dubrovnik its citizens found themselves overshadowed by their neighbour and eventually fell under the rule of the Dubrovnik Republic. This long, and somewhat turbulent past, has shaped the city, moulded its architecture and formed its avenues.

Today Cavtat is a popular tourist destination; it’s easy to see why. Cavtat is well connected with a bus route as well as numerous boats services that run from the old harbour in Dubrovnik. In fact arriving by boat is the perfect way to experience Cavtat. A peninsular points out into the Adriatic Sea, like a green finger pointing at Dubrovnik. This very peninsular offers great walks and views of the surrounding countryside. What could be better on a calm summer evening than a romantic walk with the one you love? This pine covered path winds its way along the rugged coastline and circles around the stunning peninsular. As the walk starts and finishes in the same position it’s both practical, while at the same time offering a plethora of cafes to quench your thirst.

Rambling over the beginning of the peninsular is the old city of Cavtat. Follow your nose down a cobbled street through the delightful Dalmatian architecture, it is a close knit community, solid stone houses overlook each other. Drop down to the main promenade and you’ll be greeted with a lively seafront, cosy cafes and an assortment of restaurants line the shore. The promenade is dominated by Baroque Church St. Nicholas from the 15th century; its stone spire can be used as a landmark for your day in Cavtat.

Take the time to visit another Cavtat attraction, the Račić Mausoleum. The mausoleum has a prime location on top of a point on the peninsular and is the final resting place of the prominent shipping family from the town, the Račić family. The impressive building was designed and created by the famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović. The Franciscan Monastery, a five-minute walk from the mausoleum, is also well worth a visit. The church and adjoining cloisters were founded in 1481.

Whether you are looking for a long weekend away from the crowds or a day out with the family “picture perfect” Cavtat is a great choice. Water-sports, scenic boat trips, unspoilt nature, lively restaurants, busy boutiques and friendly faces…Cavtat is a Mediterranean dream.

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