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The Green Island - The Island of Mljet

The island of Mljet is quite simply one of nature’s masterpieces. For many people, Mljet is an island lost in the open sea, but for those who take the time to visit…well these are the lucky ones.

Few would argue that the island of Mljet is one of the most beautiful in the world. Those who have been dream of returning and those who have heard about the island make it a must to visit. Although just a short ferry ride away from Dubrovnik it feels like you are miles away, centuries away, time has stopped on this magical island. Mother nature surpassed itself when she created Mljet, its thick green forests, turquoise blue seas and rich wildlife make this island a “must see” whilst in the region.

The island stretches out like the back of a green whale dipping out of the blue Adriatic. Long and thin, Mljet is around 37 kilometres long and has an average width of only 3 kilometres. On the northwest end of the island there is a national park which includes two salt water lakes. The larger lake contains a little isle with a 12th century monastery St. Mary; in fact this is an island on an island. Catch the charming boat out to the island and prepare to be amazed. The thick forests on Mljet gently descend all the way to the surface of the lakes, thus creating an image of unspoiled nature, pine trees lean over the lake edge.

This harmony between abundant nature and rich heritage produces a feeling of tranquillity that brings visitors back. Walking and biking trails weave in and out of the forest and follow the lakes shoreline, a bike ride not to forget. Mountain trails lead to stunning sightseeing points that overlook the surrounding islands. The therapeutic benefits of peaceful relaxation are ensured by kilometres of shoreline along the lakes and the sea front around the island. It is the place where people keep coming back to stay for as long as their otherwise busy lives will allow them.

Mljet might begin with the national park but it certainly doesn’t end there. A road runs through the centre of the island, one of the few roads on this Mediterranean island, and you’ll pass breathtaking panoramas, sheer cliff drops and picture postcard hamlets. A real Robinson Crusoe experience! The ancient Greek poet Homer wrote about this island in Odyssey, as the hero Odyssey sailed in this region. According to legend Odyssey spent seven years on the island on his way home from the Trojan Wars. And the Odyssey Cave, on the north side of Mljet, is well worth discovering. It is seldom seen by tourists, the people of Mljet seem to want to keep this island secret to themselves and who can blame them. And who can blame Odyssey for staying on Mljet for so long.

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