The Most Famous Street in Dubrovnik - Stradun

Dubrovnik’s most beautiful street is called Placa, but is better known as Stradun, the place that has always been the natural centre of the town of Dubrovnik.

Stradun is located in the heart of the old town, and connects the eastern and western gates. It dates from the 11th century, when a sea canal was filled in, and its current Baroque appearance dates from the period following the great earthquake of 1667, when the street was completely renovated. According to the urban plan of the time, the ground floor space of each house along the Stradun was intended for commercial use, and the characteristic large doors with round tops were designed for the display of goods, to make the most effective use of the space. This architectural innovation gives Dubrovnik’s most famous street a dignified appearance and maintains the harmony of the entire old town.

Today, the Stradun is home to many art galleries featuring the words of well-known local artists, as well as souvenir shops and boutiques. The Stradun is 298 metres long, and although it can be easily walked in a 10-minute stroll, for local citizens it is the longest street in the world, where the evening stroll is a social tradition. Everyone knows and greets everyone else, shares the day’s news and gossip, and discusses the events of the day or just watches the city go by.

Stradun has been the site of many first loves and is the perfect romantic setting for loving couples from every corner of the world.

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