Piano evening by virtuoso Matija Dedić ft. Ivana Husar

Matija Dedić was raised in a musical family of pop and traditional musicians and today he is one of the best and most award-winning Croatian jazz pianists and composers, having played with names like Alvin Queen, Martin Drew, Ron Ringwood and more. Ivana Husar Mlinac is a prominent musician, recognized as a singer, author and co-author of several hits, as well as mentors and productions.

Everyone looking for an evening of irresistible music is in for a treat with the captivating synergy of pianist Matija Dedić and talented Ivana Husar, through their beautiful interpretations of world hits such as If I Were a Boy (Beyonce), Summertime (Ella Fitzgerald), Killing Me Softly (Fugees), Without You (Mariah Carey), Come Saprei (Giorgia) and many others. An intimate atmosphere, a fusion of top-level piano virtuoso and singer of an angelic voice will leave you speechless, allowing you to remember the moment forever.

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