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‘Jazz Night with Matija Dedić' 04.08.

‘Jazz Night with Matija Dedić' 04.08.

04.08. | ‘Jazz Night with Matija Dedić'

Marvellous Musical Interpretations by Matija Dedić & Zoran Predin

Jazz up your summer nights and make sure you do not miss an exceptional opportunity to experience the captivating synergy of pianist Matija Dedić and vocalist Zoran Predin in the concert “Tragovi u sjeti”. The repertoire features works by celebrated songwriters and interpreters like Zdravko Čolić, Oliver Dragojević, Parni Valjak, Đorđe Balašević and Josipa Lisac.

This masterful duo of admired musicians complements each other perfectly. Matija Dedić was raised in a musical family of pop and traditional musicians and today he plays with names like Alvin Queen, Martin Drew, Ron Ringwood and more. Zoran Predin is a Slovenian musician, poet and songwriter who is famous for his songs and lyrics. An intimate atmosphere, a fusion of emotions and beautiful, simple melodies will leave you speechless, letting you to remember the moment forever.