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Karting in Orašac

Karting in Orašac

The wind rushing through your hair, the glorious summer countryside whizzing by and the thrill as you push yourself into another hairpin corner. No, you are not driving a luxury convertible, no it’s something much more exciting, you’re strapped to a primitive wooden kart hurtling down a hill a few centimetres off the tarmac. Karting in Orašac, or to be more precise karting has returned to Orašac.

Roll your memory back to the days before mobile phone and the internet, a different time, a time when children made things, made their own entertainment. From camps in the woods to bows and arrows, it was a time for imaginations to run riot, and one of the discoveries was the kart. The kart started its life as four wheels attached to a plank of wood, and over the years nothing much has changed.

In the charming village of Orašac the traditions don’t die easily, especially if that tradition brings the people of the neighbourhood together. In Orašac there is a tradition of karting. The exact type of karts we all used to build through our childhood years.

In 2013, after a twelve year break, the karters of Orašac regrouped and organised their karting race. Around thirty homemade constructions completed in the race named “Balinera Cup.” From the very simple, almost too simple, carts to ones with go-fast stripes and suspension systems the Balinera Cup saw them. The brave “drivers” whizzed down a 470 metre long track to cheers of encouragement from the gathered spectators. The junior racers weren’t left out and sped down a 100 metre long mini-track. One racer commented that “The atmosphere was great and it was great to see so many smiling faces.” He added that it was much easier to construct a cart today than when he was younger, “there are more tools and it is easier to find spare parts.”

The Balinera Cup is held in May in the village of Orašac and is well worth a visit to watch the thrills and the spills. The race is organised by the Amateur Sports Society “Orašac” however don’t be fooled by the tag amateur; it is taken seriously with a real will to win. And it might just jog your memory to a time when life seemed simpler and yet satisfying.