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Le Petit Festival du Theatre is a boutique international arts and theatre festival which was held in Dubrovnik this year from June 21-28. The theme of this year’s festive was the beauty of women. The festival celebrates women, who heal the world with their love, compassion, truth, harmony and dreams.

As in each of the previous eight years, this year’s festival programme included many talented artists from around the world. Dance and music performances, literary presentations, and discussions with distinguished authors were just a part of this year’s offerings. The participation of internationally recognized photographer Robert Farber offered an exceptional opportunity to travel the world through his beautiful photographs.

Hannah Ruth Chalmers of Great Britain presented her new one-act play, entitled “Stripped.” Although it is her first work, international media have already noted the success of this young artist, and her work has won awards at international festivals, almost always characterized as “the best of the fest.”

Ezequiel Sanucci and Lidija Muller presented “Cabeceame” in other words, Cabeceo, a traditional, ritual dance of the tango clubs, which is based on intimate knowledge, joint movement and mutual dreams.

A lecture on the book “Life After Anne Frank” by Ivna Bruk, about Dutch journalist Berthe Meijer, who survived the terrors of a concentration camp, was presented by her husband Gary Goldschneider, a distinguished pianist and composer.

In cooperation with Namiko Gahier – Ogawa, a French-Japanese director, Goldschneider presented a musical and dramatic performance “Notes from the Underworld.” This year’s festival also included Xaviera Hollander, one of the most well-known madames in the world, a columnist for Penthouse magazine, a performer and theatrical entrepreneur, who presented her new book.

Once again, this year’s Petit Festival included a charitable event, called “A big heart for a little heart’ to benefit developmentally disabled children.

Most of the events were held in the historic Lazareti complex, located just outside the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

Art lovers enjoyed the unique programme of this boutique festival, with an opportunity to absorb the ideas and inspiration of exceptionally talented artists.