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Swimming and Water Polo Academy

Swimming and Water Polo Academy

In Dubrovnik, water polo has always been more than just a sport; it is a way of life. From an early age, the children of Dubrovnik learn to play this water sport. With an ideal seaside setting, Sun Gardens Dubrovnik offers your children a perfect opportunity to learn the basic techniques, improve strength and stamina and, of course, to enjoy the entire journey.

The Swimming and Water Polo Academy is designed for children aged 7 to 15 and takes place from May 27 until September 29, 2019. Children will be divided into two groups, beginners and advanced, depending on the individual test results. The 90-minute training sessions will be held in the sea six times a week, from Monday to Saturday. Each participant will receive a Nike sports sack with a water polo cap and towel and, upon completion, a certificate with a medal. Participants are welcome to join the Academy any day of the week, depending on the arrival date.

Skills learned:

Warm up methods, swimming techniques, coordination and speed drills, controlling the ball in water, catching and passing the ball drills, positioning and swimming training.


Swimming and Water Polo Academy: 250 € per child

Participants: Maximum 15

Information and reservations

For reservations please contact us on:
Tel. + 385 20 361 503 / Email:

Please be advised that the number of places is limited so we recommend booking in advance.

Sun Gardens Dubrovnik retains the right to change, amend and modify the times, dates and location of Swimming and Water Polo Academy.