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Sports in Dubrovnik in Winter

Sports in Dubrovnik in Winter

Leave your skis at home, don’t unpack your warmer winter equipment and forget your scarves and gloves...winter in Dubrovnik is not about snow and cold it’s a story of living in harmony with the Mediterranean climate. Away from the scorching summer sunshine and the mercury-breaking temperatures the mild and calm Dubrovnik winters are ideal for enjoying sports. When the fresh north wind blows down from the imposing mountains the air is as crystal clear as the Adriatic on the doorstep.

At Sun Gardens, Dubrovnik we are well equipped to take care of your sporting needs, we will even suggest a few new ones to make your Dubrovnik winter experience more enjoyable. Make the most of the “al fresco” way of life; it doesn’t stop in Dubrovnik even though the days are shorter. Rent a bicycle from our sports centre and explore the pleasant surroundings of the hinterland around our five-star resort. Fill your lungs with the fresh, unpolluted air and reinvigorate your body and senses. Away from the hubbub of the summer crowds the local roads are also relatively car free making your journey even more enjoyable.

Continue to make the most of Mediterranean nature with your hiking boots on and a long walk in the stunning nature. Why not take a brisk walk to the top of the Srd Mountain and admire the 360 degree views over the whole region. Or even try a walk around the ancient Old City walls of Dubrovnik, it feels like you have them all to yourself.
The number one sport of Dubrovnik is water polo and “Jug” is the pride of the city. During the winter months the water polo season is in full swing so you can experience at first hand one of the best clubs in the world. For the “braver” you can even take a dip in the Adriatic, the sea temperature in the depths of winter never falls below 14 degrees. For the less brave take advantage of our luxurious swimming pool in our Spa by OCCO. Just because the summer is finished it doesn’t mean that the swimming season has to end. In fact it is a great time to don your wetsuit and scuba dive in the transparent Adriatic.

However, and surprisingly, not all of the traditional winter sports are ignored in Dubrovnik. Even though the climate is considerably warmer than the rest of Europe the city organises an ice-rink every winter so that locals and tourists can at least feel a touch of winter. The rink is situated in the Port of Dubrovnik, a short ride from the Sun Gardens, Dubrovnik, and is always popular. Imagine telling your friends and family that you have been ice-skating in Dubrovnik!

The winter surprises and winter sports in Dubrovnik will open your eyes to another side of the city, a side far away from the summer hustle and bustle and yet with a local charm that warms the heart.