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At Sun Gardens Dubrovnik we believe that the prosperity of business and society is inseparably related. Our business philosophy has a goal of contributing to the quality of life in the region in societal, social, economic, and tourism terms as well as protecting the highest quality of service and working conditions.

The focus is primarily on providing job opportunities for local residents, as well as enriching the tourist offer in the region. The success story that Sun Gardens Dubrovnik is built on is the support that all employees provide on a daily basis in their commitment and dedication to service and guests.


Sun Gardens Dubrovnik is proud to announce that it has been recognized as a Sustainability Leader by The Leading Hotels of the World. This designation helps signify members from Leading Hotels who have been certified according to standards aligned with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Criteria. It serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence in hospitality, specifically in the areas of community, culture, and environmental responsibility. Learn more about this program by clicking here


As the holder of the Green Key certificate since 2013, the resort actively works towards enhancing its own processes towards a more sustainable future in terms of onsite recycling, waste reduction, energy and water conservation, natural composting, usage of eco-friendly cleaning supplies and similar eco-friendly practices. Green Key, the leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry, represents our commitment to adhere to the strict criteria set by the Foundation for Environmental Education. A Green Key stands as the promise to our guests that by opting to stay with us as the Green Key establishment, they are helping to make a difference on an environmental level.


Long-term partnerships with the local community are also the core of our responsible business strategy. We support local schools and other children associations by donating equipment and supplies, participating in their green and maintenance activities, hosting organized visits and inspections, offering sports and other facilities for organizations’ programs, donating financial funds and more. The resort also offers scholarships for high school students to advance their employability skills and become aware of what employers want in potential recruits. Some of the organizations that Sun Gardens Dubrovnik has been supporting are: Antun Masle Elementary School Orašac, Marin Držić Elementary School – Special Needs Section, Pre-school Orašac and Zaton, Sport School Dubrovnik, Down Syndrome Association of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Animal shelter Žarkovica, International Police Association - Croatia (children-safety and prevention), Croatian Parent Club of Premature Infants “Palčić” and others.


As the world is slowly turning to renewable energy sources as the future of sustainable living and economic development, a serious impact has already been noted in the transportation industry and especially the automotive sector. Taking into consideration the global rise in production and usage of electric vehicles, Sun Gardens Dubrovnik has partnered with Tesla Motors over Destination Charging programme allowing Tesla owners complimentary charging their electric cars in the resort. We also promote greener energy efforts by offering bicycle rentals for guests, themed walking tours and excursions, as well as a shuttle bus and boat services.


Sun Gardens Dubrovnik maintains long-standing cooperation with Red Cross Dubrovnik since 2012 through various projects and initiatives, for which it got awarded "The Safety Label of the Croatian Red Cross" for meeting the highest standards of the Croatian Red Cross. The resort sustains approximately 40 employees trained to provide first aid at all levels and have a number of defibrillators throughout the resort. We actively organize blood donation events and encourage employees and community members to participate. From 2015, the resort features Red Cross certified beach lifeguards to make sure that guests are protected at all times at the beach. The resort also holds annually at least one firefighting and rescue drill for employees in joint efforts with the Firefighting Department, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) volunteers and State Administration for Protection and Rescue (DUZS).


The entire infrastructure of the resort was built according to the highest ecological standards. During the restoration of the resort in 2009 centuries-old olive trees were removed from their habitats and returned immediately upon completion. Sun Gardens Dubrovnik has no less than 57,000 m2 of the park area in the resort, much of which has been carefully manicured and supplied with aromatic and blooming Mediterranean plants, native to the area and taken care of by our dedicated team of gardeners. We are also proud of the resort’s composting site allowing us to create our own fertilizers and maintain sustainable gardening efforts.


Special attention is paid to ecological protection of the sea and coastal area. Our goal is to minimize the long-term impact of resort operations on the maritime environment while delivering luxury service and memorable experiences for our guests. A team of specialized divers – volunteers each year participate in ecological actions of cleaning the underwater. Alongside, the resort organizes beach cleans along the coastline that helps in protection of the marine ecosystems.


Help us achieve our goals and join us in our efforts to respect responsible business values.

  • Towel & linen policy enables us to reduce water and chemical consumption
  • Turning off electrical appliances while leaving the room helps us save energy
  • Exploring the surroundings and local attractions by bike or on foot reduce gas emission effects on the environment while keeping you fit and healthy
  • Placing newspapers and other paper materials outside the bins contribute our recycling efforts
  • Leaving read, spare books for others to read reduce overall waste, but also may contribute to someone else's holiday experience at the destination
  • Leaving no trace at the beach, gardens and other exteriors help us preserve the ecological systems and the environment
  • Buying from local suppliers and opting for artisans’ products improves positive impact on the community
  • Respect the environment, local customs, and traditions by minimizing your own as well as our ecological footprint.

If you have any other suggestions on how to improve our sustainability efforts, please feel free to e-mail us.

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