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Challenge yourself and stay active during your stay. Choose from a large offer of water sports, indoor and outdoor activities at the resort.

Sun Gardens Dubrovnik retains the right to change, amend, suspend and modify the opening times and dates of Sports Centre without prior notice. 


Personal Fitness Trainer

Train hard but smart, under the supervision of our expert fitness trainers.

They will help you choose the best exercises for your goals, and make sure your form is perfect, every set and every rep of the way.

Group Classes

A class led by an expert trainer is perfect for those times when you don't feel like working out alone, need an extra jolt of motivation, or simply want to reap the benefits of a carefully prepared exercise session. Choose a programme designed for your current level of fitness and get in the groove.

Private Lessons

Private lessons on offer are the perfect way to hone your game and help improve your tennis, squash or even swimming skills. From beginner lessons to advanced coaching to improve your technique, we offer tennis lessons and coaching for adults of all levels.


Treat yourself to a work out session in the modern, air-conditioned gym at the resort. Professional fitness equipment for cardio, calisthenics, and strength training is at your disposal, as well as group sessions and private trainers for a more dedicated experience.


Artificial climbing rock is a proven training ground for all climbing enthusiasts. Safe and secure, it is equally suitable for your first-ever vertical step or a thousandth climb.

Go ahead, pick the route suitable for your skill level and get a grip.


Pay a visit to the glass-walled court and engage in the demanding and exciting game of squash. Test your reflexes and power, trick your opponent and make every step count.

Just do not stand in your opponent's way when he prepares for a shot.


Amazingly healthy, incredibly satisfying, and decidedly British game of badminton might just be what you need.

If nets, shuttlecocks, and rackets are your cup of tea, take a stroll to one of the courts at the resort and let the match begin.


A basketball match is always a fun occasion, regardless of your skill level. But, if you possess the mad skills, feel free to show them off a little at the court.

It is time to don the jersey of your favorite team, tie those sneakers tight, and take your spot.

You Might Also Enjoy...

Test your mettle at table tennis or chalk up your cue and challenge someone to a billiard game at the Sports Centre reception. Here, you will also find showers and changing rooms, after which we recommend a refreshing visit to the sports bar. Soak in the chill vibe, a perfect ending of a satisfying day filled with activities.

Last but not least, if you are interested in exploring further away from the resort, join up a guided bicycle tour and visit the highlights of the neighboring area.



Whip out your racket (or use the one included in the rental price) and head for one of the resort's three clay tennis courts. Backhand, forehand, and smash your way to victory. Game. Set. Match!


Our five-a-side football court with artificial grass is an arena for teams to have some healthy fun and test their skills. Find four friends and join in on the action.

The outdoor court comes equipped with the most enchanting sea view. Do not let that distract you, lest the result starts slipping in the other team’s favor.

Sand Volleyball

Sand and sun invite for some serious volleyball fun. A perfect summer sport that will do wonders for your cardio and general fitness levels. As a bonus, with just two players per side, it is super easy to find enough participants to start a match. 


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