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Resort facilities include a world-class spa, sports centre, a variety of restaurants and bars featuring local and international cuisine, pools and natural pebble beach, a supermarket and retail shopping, all designed to attract and appeal to the family market, couples and independent travelers alike. 


Life at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik is designed to mirror that of the resort’s Adriatic location and surroundings. Access to a relaxing outdoor lifestyle via the beach, gardens and panoramic vistas of the sea and surrounding hills is an important element of ownership.

Premium cuisine and wine, the knowledge of local people and a sense of what is important to the emotional and physical wellbeing of residents and guests make Sun Gardens Dubrovnik extremely special.

Though the attractions and amenities of Dubrovnik city centre are easily accessed via hotel shuttle bus or boat, residents can escape the city’s bustle in the resort while having all of their needs catered to.


In 1512, the Florentine statesman Piero Soderini was driven into exile by the Medici family and is reputed to have settled in the stone castle (palazzo) in the grounds of what is now Sun Gardens Dubrovnik until his return to Italy. The original palace still stands and forms a picturesque focal point within the resort gardens.

Parts of the site were first developed in the late 1980s as a resort frequented by European and local tourists. The on-site nightclub at the time became a popular hangout for many of Croatia’s rock musicians.

During the 1991-1995 war, Dubrovnik was subjected to a siege lasting many months. The city was extensively shelled damaging many historic buildings and much of the surrounding areas. Sun Gardens Dubrovnik was also badly damaged, burned and looted.

In 2008, a major redevelopment of the site began. The residences, pools, and promenade areas were upgraded, replaced and extended, whilst the hotel, spa conference and event facilities and sports centre were constructed. Sun Gardens Dubrovnik opened as a fully-fledged luxury integrated resort in July 2009.

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