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Beat the Heat with Watersports

Summer, water, sun: a perfect holiday!  As the temperatures hit the highs, no better way to cool off than taking a dip. Whatever gets you in the water, works - swimming, snorkeling, water toys…  However, with watersports you can enjoy it all at once: have fun, stay active, be in the water, and out in nature. 

If watersports are something new to you, no reason to be intimidated. They are way easier than you might think, even for teenagers who can explore the options in our Water Sports Academy. Besides, whatever your comfort level, one of the watersports is guaranteed to fit both your lifestyle and your vibe. 

Located in proximity to Eplahiti Archipelago and many other natural attractions of the wider Dubrovnik region, Sun Gardens Dubrovnik is ideally positioned to spice your vacation with some great outdoor activities that give you that cool boast. Designed both for total beginners and lovers of the adrenaline rush, our gamut of watersports is a sure bet.

Reconnect with Nature on Jet Ski Safari

Hit the waves with Jet Ski and experience the speed. Sometimes called the motorcycle of the open waters, Jet Ski is a stylish watercraft and – so much fun. Twist the throttle and roar through the waves, sending up walls of spray. Explore waters that are too shallow for boats with propellers, discover hidden coves that cannot be approached otherwise, or go for a swim whenever you like. With Jet Ski, your speed on the water feels twice as fast as it actually is, guaranteeing an exhilarating and satisfying water ride.

Jet Ski Safari will take you to the nearby Kalamota, the southernmost inhabited island in Croatia. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, Kalamota – also known as Koločep – has many hidden coves as well as the attractive Blue Cave, all of which can be explored by Jet Ski. Whipping around this beautiful island on a hot summer day is the ultimate way to refresh, have fun and get your heart pounding.

The Call of Deep Blue

Take a step off the beach and into the cerulean Adriatic waters. A sea scooter enables you to effortlessly glide on the surface or underwater. Loved by professional divers or those just looking for some extra summer fun, sea scooters enable you to spend less time wasting energy and breath, and more time enjoying all that wondrous flora, fauna, and sunlit seabed. With a sea scooter, underwater vistas are within your reach, without all the rigors of diving. Zoom around the breathtaking Adriatic underwater world, allow yourself to be pulled along, above or under the water – it's up to you. A sea scooter gives you total freedom of movement. As mild or as wild as you want, a sea scooter ride is a way to experience the sea like never before.  

Paddle into the Quiet at your Own Pace

If you love the quiet and calm, then the vessel of your choice will probably be something tried and tested – and we're talking millenniums here. Hop into a kayak, and paddle into the quiet. Glide in blissful ease and explore every nook and cranny, every small cove of the nearby beaches, at your own pace. You can even pack a small backpack and have a picnic somewhere along the shore. Just don't forget to take all the rubbish afterward.

At Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, we have another paddling attraction, SUP boards. In a matter of a decade, stand-up paddleboarding has gone from a fringe curiosity to the Olympics.  This extremely buoyant and stable board enables you to stand on it while paddling and exploring the calm turquoise of the Adriatic Sea. 

Fly Across the Waves

One of the ultimate watersports, flyboard is easy to learn and fun for all ages. A rather ingenious device propelled by jet nozzles, the flyboard allows you to soar high in the air or dive as far as you're willing to go. Nothing quite like soaring through the air through a spray of cool seawater! Flyboarding is both exhilarating and fun. Those looking to burn calories can take flyboarding to the next level and rise, dive, spin, or flip to test their endurance and strength.

Another watersport that is great fun, especially when in the company of friends or family is called Crazy UFO. This inflatable object, shaped like a comfy sofa, will take you for a wild ride, where you almost seem to hover above the water surface. Recommended for those who seek all that is fast and bumpy, this marine “flying saucer” will give you a good time, a ride you won't forget. 

Adriatic, the Paradise for Lovers of the Sea

The Croatian coast seems to tick all the boxes for a perfect summer holiday destination. It is a paradise for lovers of sea, sailing, and sea fun. With is 1,777 kilometers long coast and 1246 islands and islets further encompassing 4,058 kilometers of coastline, it is one of the most indented shorelines in Europe. During the summer the average temperature of these pristine turquoise waters never goes below 22oC, adding to the evergreen appeal of the entire Adriatic coast. The wider Dubrovnik area abounds in natural attractions, most prominently clear sea, and underwater sites that attract divers from all around the world. 

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