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Enjoy the breathtaking nature of Dalmatian hinterland and peak views in resort surroundings!

Distance: 6.4 km / Duration: 1:32 h / Elevation: 205 m

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Begin the tour by walking through the resort towards state road D8, then taking the underpass to the other side of the road. The steps behind the bakery lead directly to the village of Orašac. This small, traditional Dalmatian village was built around AD 104o and is full of greenery, olive groves, cypress, and pine forests.

Nature in bloom

In Orašac, keep walking right and follow the route to Ljubač village. Orašac village provides breath-taking panoramic views of the Adriatic and Elaphite islands, especially Kalamota island, which is located directly opposite. 

Panorama towards the resort and the islands

Enjoy a pleasant hike on the road through olive groves, blooming meadows, and pine and cypress trees. After 2.9 kilometres, turn right onto a hiking path in the woods and in about 500 meters, you can quickly reach a viewpoint known as “Modrič kamen,” which offers stunning panoramic views of the Zaton Bay.

View from 'Modrič kamen'

After a short break, return the same way, next to the sign St. Nikola church turn right downhill towards the village of Orašac. It is not unusual to come across goats, cows, sheep, or chickens on your journey.

Olive groves around Orašac village

When you return to Orašac village, simply follow the signs to ‘Dubrovački Vrtovi Sunca' and return to the resort in the same manner.

Hiking Tips:

  • Dress comfortably, layer your clothes, and wear suitable hiking shoes (no flip-flops, Crocs, sandals or similar).
  • Wearing a full-coverage hat and sunglasses, as well as applying sunscreen before going on a walk, is strongly recommended on sunny days.
  • It is a good idea to have insect repellent and a first-aid kit on hand.
  • Bring plenty of water and some energy snacks.
  • Avoid hiking in bad weather and mid-day hikes at extremely high temperatures.
  • Stick to the actual trail and well-defined paths.
  • Be responsible for your own safety at all times.

Please note that the Resort assumes no liability for potential accidents or injuries caused by engaging in any of the mentioned tours and/or experiences.

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