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Be a Local Tourist: Discover the Villages Next to Sun Gardens Dubrovnik

With nearby neighbours such as Dubrovnik Old Town and the Pelješac Peninsula, guests at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik are a little spoiled for choice when it comes to local experiences. 

With so much to see, and only a limited amount of time to take it all in, it is not surprising that most guests head to the star attractions, with little or no time to enjoy the wonderful Dalmatian way of life a little closer to home.

The resort is located in the village of Orašac, whose heritage dates back to 1040 AD, a village which has some quite interesting neighbours, and for those guests who are interested in walking, cycling or driving short distances to take it quieter beaches and a little local history, there is plenty to see and do a short walk, drive and cycle from the resort.

Top of the list, probably, would be the delightful village of Trsteno, famous as the premier arboretum in all Croatia, and with a selection of majestic trees which date back hundreds of years, and which was also used as a filming location for Game of Thrones.

If you are looking for a gorgeous coastal walk away from the crowds, then head to Zaton, a favourite Dubrovnik getaway for Dubrovnik nobility for centuries. Zaton is actually two villages, Mali (small) and Veliki (big), which are connected by a coastal promenade – a perfect waterfront escape for those looking to see the Adriatic close up without encountering too many people.

Perhaps, however, the most intriguing part of exploring the locality of Sun Gardens Dubrovnik is heading inland. The initial settlements in Dalmatia were built away from the coast, in the hills, for the very sensible reason that they were more difficult for pirates to attack. It was only with the advent of mainstream tourism in the 1960s that the majority of today’s coastal towns and villages sprung up. Just a few kilometres from the coast, the old traditional Dalmatian way of life, complete with wonderful stone buildings, is a world away from modern tourism on the coast.

There are two villages close to Orašac in the hills which are worth visiting. Lose yourself in time in the villages of Gromača and Ljubač. Apart from enjoying the tranquillity of the villages and marvelling at the solid construction of the stone houses which have withstood the test of time, both villages offer other things of interest to the visitor.

Gromača is known for its eco-tourism, as well as a rather interesting cave nearby, while Ljubač has an exceptional natural amphitheatre, which is formed by three hills converging. The homemade goat cheese and wine are worth the journey.

Dalmatia is an incredible region, and Dubrovnik will always be its number one attraction. But sometimes, when you look a little closer to home, the memories can be just as memorable.

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