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Discover the Dubrovnik Region - Top Five Private Tours

While we would, of course, enjoy your company at our Sun Gardens Dubrovnik resort for your entire stay, there is so much to see and do close to our resort.

The Dubrovnik region is fascinating, and one which encourages you to explore. We have designed a range of private tours for you and your friends and family to enjoy with individual attention from our experienced guides. With so many things on offer, and after much consideration, here are the Sun Gardens Dubrovnik top 5 private tours:

Game of Thrones

A television series which surely needs no introduction. The hit HBO series has forever linked the Pearl of the Adriatic to a new mythical name – King’s Landing. Several series of the global blockbuster were shot on site in Dubrovnik, and tens of thousands of GoT fans flock to the city each year to visit the filming locations that were beamed around the globe.

Walk the streets of the magnificent King's Landing, the very capital of Westeros, with your private guide who will take you not only to the locations but also the inside stories of the Battle of Blackwater Bay, the attack on King Joffrey and royal family by angry citizens and the famous Queen Cersei's walk of shame.

Underwater Wine Cellar

Did you know that Croatia has an estimated 130 indigenous grape varieties? Or that one of the very best, Plavac Mali, is related to Zinfandel, and whose best vineyards are located on the Pelješac Peninsula, a short drive from Sun Gardens Dubrovnik?

And not only that, some of the wine tasting experiences are truly spectacular and unique. Allow your private guide to introduce you to the first underwater wine cellar in Croatia, with a tasting of exquisite wines to match the location. The Pelješac gourmet story is not confined to just wines, however, for the peninsula begins with the oyster capital of Croatia – Mali Ston. Choose your own oysters for lunch and learn more about the oyster and fish traditions of this gorgeous slice of Dalmatia. A unique food and wine double.


Or why not experience the Pelješac Peninsula in a different way with our special Pelješac tour. Less than 45-minutes from Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, visit one of Dalmatia’s most picturesque destinations. Napoleon built a road through the heart of the peninsula 200 years ago, a road which today allows you to drive through the famous Dingač vineyards, which enjoying stunning sea views both right and left.

Stop in one such vineyard for an authentic Dalmatian wine experience as a guest of Vicelić, one of the peninsula’s most renowned winemakers, and a Plavac Mali specialist. Then continue on to an altogether different part of Dalmatian life in the sleepy fishing village of Trpanj, where a traditional Dalmatian tavern is waiting to offer you the very freshest catch of the day.

Neretva Valley

While the Adriatic is understandably the best-know water attraction, it is by no means the only one. Head a little inland to the Neretva Valley and meet the Croatian California, whose abundant citrus fruits on the banks of the green Neretva River offer some of the most fertile land in the region, including a staggering 1.4 million mandarin trees.
It is also a region rich in heritage, as you will learn with a visit to the Narona archaeological museum, which is located at the site of an ancient temple dedicated to the first Roman Emperor Augustus. A voyage in a traditional Neretva riverboat, the lifeline for centuries for river communities in Neretva, ends with a lunch to remember. After tasting traditional Adriatic fish dished in Sun Gardens Dubrovnik restaurants – here you will enjoy true local Neretva specialities, including eels, frogs and river fish.

Sailing Elafiti Islands

You have spent time at the beach and swimming in the sea – now it is time to get to know it from a totally different angle! Dalmatia is known as one of the great sailing destinations of Europe, with its spectacular coastline, endless islands and pristine waters.

Go back in time on our old-timer with our experienced and fully-licensed guide, with you in charge of a totally flexible itinerary. Do take the chance to learn a little about sailing for yourself (finding which was the wind blows is not as easy as you think), and leave plenty of time to go swimming in one of the many hidden coves on this gorgeous coastline.

For more information on these, and all other private tours offered by Sun Gardens Dubrovnik and powered by Korkyra Travel Agency and Travel Curious, click here.

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