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Dubrovnik Good Food Festival

Good Food Festival – a gastronomic treat for all food lovers – awaits you this year 10 – 16 October, with an emphasis on delicious cuisine and great wines.

Dubrovnik Good Food Festival, taking place from 10th to 16th October, features a variety of engaging events with an emphasis on delicious cuisine and great wines. This festival, organized by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, brings presentations of culinary specialities typical of the Dubrovnik region, culinary workshops on cooking traditional delicacies, local wine tastings, painting and wine workshops, free hiking trail guidance, children's educational programs and special events such as dinner with famous chefs.

Don't skip numerous workshops and learn how to cook traditional Dubrovnik dishes or step up your food photography and styling. The central event for all visitors of the festival will be dinner with a celebrity chef, which, apart from the gourmet program, features a music program that adds to the atmosphere. A special treat for dessert lovers – join the Festival sweets workshops and learn how to make traditional desserts from Dubrovnik. For all beer lovers, the Dubrovnik Brewery will host beer evenings with delicious street food. The traditional highlight is the well-known Dubrovnik Table, which stretches across Stradun's entire span, where many Dubrovnik restaurants, pastry chefs and top kitchens will be displayed, highlighting their knowledge and skills.

The main focus of the organization of this festival will be the decision on limiting the use of single-use plastics as part of the “Plastic Smart Cities” project. If you're in Dubrovnik, don't miss this year's Good Food Festival, which will bring together many fans of genuine and modern foods, as well as good local wine. We are confident that it will thrill every tourist, just as it has in previous editions of the event.

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