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Dubrovnik under the Sea

With so much to explore in and around the Pearl of the Adriatic, you could be forgiven for thinking that you have found the perfect destination. And you have, but there is more…

Have you ever considered what treasures Dubrovnik and its surroundings hold under the sea's surface?

Most visitors to Dubrovnik will be unable to resist the pristine, azure waters for long, but for those looking for a little more adventure underwater, the rewards are plentiful. Have you, for example, even considered visiting an underwater winery?

A short drive north from Sun Gardens Dubrovnik brings you to the Edivo Viva winery on the Peljesac Peninsula, heartland of Dalmatia's most famous red grape variety, Plavac Mali. It is also the first underwater winery in the world.

The Edivo Viva wines are stored in tightly-corked amphorae and aged for 1-2 years underwater in a sunken boat. The sea provides ideal conditions for wine ageing in terms of temperature and light, and the boat also acts as an underwater cellar. Now THAT is an experience you cannot find anywhere else.

Scuba diving is a popular activity while visiting Dubrovnik, and it is a great way to explore. There are courses for beginners as well, so if the children want an unforgettable introduction to the treasures of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is the place to come.

With its rich maritime history, one would expect to find some shipwrecks along the way, and there are several sunken vessels which can be explored.

These include what remains of the two-mast coaster, The Aurora, which can be found at a depth of just 16-19m at the Cape Bezdan diving site to the south of Kolocep Island. Also not to be missed is the shipwreck Taranto, a transport ship which hit a mine in 1943 while carrying flour and tractors to Dubrovnik, before running into the Grebeni islands and sinking.

Close to Lokrum and at a depth of 40m is Wreck Tomislav, which rests almost intact on a sandy seabed and has become a magnet for the vibrant marine life for which the Adriatic (and Dubrovnik's fine restaurants) have become famous.

And while shipwrecks may provide much of the diving attractions in the waters below Dubrovnik, it is the rich and varied sea life, coupled with an array of cliffs, caves, coves, rocks and beaches which give scuba diving in Dubrovnik that little bit extra. For the most impressive stalactites, head to the Koločep Island and discover cave Jabuka.

And when you have finished a day of exploring underwater, do not forget that the night is young, for you still have the magic of Dubrvonik above sea level to enjoy!

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