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Exploring the Dubrovnik Wine Region: A Journey through Dubrovnik's grape variety

Croatia's wine culture, particularly in the Dubrovnik Region, is an enchanting blend of history, tradition, and rich cultural experiences. Whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or a curious traveller, exploring the wines of Dubrovnik is a journey filled with memorable flavours.  

Many of the wineries in the Dubrovnik region are set against breath-taking landscapes, featuring vineyards that stretch to the edge of the Adriatic Sea or overlook picturesque valleys and hills. The combination of pristine nature and wine tasting makes for a memorable experience. Dubrovnik's wineries take advantage of the region's diverse microclimates and soils to cultivate a wide variety of grape types. You'll find both international grape varieties like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay, as well as local varieties like Plavac Mali and Pošip.

Some of the most renowned wineries in Dubrovnik focus on producing wines from indigenous grape varieties. For example, Plavac Mali is a red grape variety closely related to Zinfandel and is known for its rich and robust flavours. Pošip is a white grape variety that produces fresh and aromatic wines. These local wines often have unique characteristics that reflect the terroir of the Dubrovnik region.

Whether you prefer robust reds or crisp whites, Dubrovnik has a wine to captivate your palate and provide a deeper understanding of Croatia's vibrant wine culture, where each grape variety has a story to tell, reflecting the region's terroir and the dedication of local winemakers.

Plavac Mali

Plavac Mali is the superstar of the Dubrovnik Vine Region and is often referred to as the "king of Croatian red wines." Derived from the phrase "small blue," this grape produces robust, full-bodied red wines that are rich in flavour and complexity. Plavac Mali thrives in the region's Mediterranean climate, where the warm sun and sea breezes nurture its growth. These wines are known for their dark fruit flavours, hints of spice, and a distinct minerality that reflects the terroir of the Dubrovnik coast.

Malvasia Dubrovačka

Malvasia Dubrovačka is a white grape variety that has been cultivated in the Dubrovnik region for centuries. It is known for producing crisp, refreshing white wines with a pleasant acidity and citrusy notes. This grape thrives in the region's limestone-rich soil and benefits from the Adriatic Sea's influence. Malvasia Dubrovačka wines are often enjoyed as aperitifs and pair beautifully with seafood dishes, making them a staple of local cuisine.

Maraština (Rukatac)

Maraština, also known as Rukatac, is another white grape variety commonly found in the Dubrovnik Vine Region. These wines are characterized by their light, fruity aromas, and a delicate floral bouquet. The Maraština grape is appreciated for its crispness and bright acidity, making it a popular choice for crafting fresh and easy-drinking white wines that are perfect for warm Mediterranean days.



Primarily associated with the nearby island of Korčula, Pošip wines are celebrated for their elegance and a well-balanced combination of fruity and mineral notes. These dry white wines often exhibit flavours of green apple, lemon, and a touch of Mediterranean herbs. Pošip is a versatile grape that complements a variety of seafood and poultry dishes.

Dubrovnik's Wine Blends

Beyond these single varietals, Dubrovnik's winemakers are known for their skill in creating unique blends that showcase the diverse character of the region. These blends often combine Plavac Mali with other local grapes, resulting in wines that are both complex and harmonious.

Journey through the Dubrovnik Wine Region is nothing short of a delightful exploration of Croatia's rich heritage. From the diverse grape varieties that thrive in this unique terroir to the passionate winemakers who craft exceptional wines, Dubrovnik offers a wine experience that's both authentic and enchanting.

If you are looking for a memorable experience during your visit to Dubrovnik, a wine tour through the beautiful vineyards of the area is a must-try activity. Join us and raise your glass to a taste of Croatia that will linger on your palate and in your heart long after you've departed this picturesque region.

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