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Island Koločep - Smiling at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik

The glorious island of Koločep floats on the crystal clear Adriatic Sea directly opposite the Sun Gardens Dubrovnik – its shape seems as though the island is smiling at us.

This evergreen island is a paradise of times gone by, so close to the mainland and yet so far away. Koločep is part of the Elafiti archipelago, a group of thirteen islands, and is one of the three islands that are inhabited. In fact the island holds a rather unusual record; it is the southernmost inhabited island in the Republic of Croatia. Although one could argue that it is only just inhabited as only around 200 people actually call it home, but what a spectacular place to call home.

With two main settlements on the island, Gornje Čelo (Upper Čelo) and DonjeČCelo (Lower Čelo), each at different ends of this picturesque island you’ll have plenty of space to call your own. A trip to Koločep is like taking a journey back in time, to a time when life was simpler and less cluttered. It is a walkers dream as there are no cars, and of course roads, of this Mediterranean gem. Wander, explore and discover the natural beauties of an Adriatic island, the closest of the Elaphite islands to Dubrovnik as it sits only around 3 miles from the main Dubrovnik port. Of course from the Sun Gardens Dubrovnik the trip is considerably shorter, a brief boat ride over the turquoise sea and you are on an island paradise. This is a trip that will open your eyes to another way of life, Dubrovnik island life, a Mediterranean lifestyle where time is not measured with a clock but with memories.

Ancient olive groves, soaring palm trees, carob trees, fragrant citrus fruit and thick pine forests, the evergreen island is an explosion of natural elegance. Take a stroll on one of the meandering paths and you find yourself within minutes in a hidden world of beauty, a world away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Discover a sandy beach, yes on such a small island there are actually sandy beaches, and spend the day listening to the sounds of nature around you. You will be intoxicated with the still calm, the scent of the Mediterranean plants and the intensity of the colours of the Adriatic. The island is made up of limestone and dolomite rock but at each end every settlement has its own, natural, miraculous sandy beach. Have lunch in one of the many local taverns, fresh fish and seafood will be high on the list of recommendations and most of the menus reflect this. Enjoy one of the fine Croatian wines and unwind your body and soul…Koločep is a natural spa centre.

Koločep may be smiling at the Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, but once you have set foot on the island you’ll be smiling along with it.

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