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Multigenerational Travel: Why Dubrovnik is a Great Shared Experience Destination

Family travel is changing, and multigenerational travel – whereby parents, children and grandparents go on holiday in one unit – is on the rise, and Dubrovnik is one destination which is experiencing an increase in this travel trend.

Croatia is a country whose culture thrives on multigenerational existence – just go for a coffee on any Dalmatian square on a Sunday morning after Mass to observe the joyful coexistence of families of different generations intermingling in the same space. With such an ingrained multigenerational setting, it is perhaps not surprising that more extended families are choosing to travel together for the shared experience holiday.

The benefits of multigenerational travel are obvious – kids able to bond with their grandparents, while the older generation also assume babysitting duties to enable exhausted parents to enjoy a little romantic downtime without the pressure of constant parenting. The relaxed Dalmatian lifestyle is the perfect backdrop to this relaxed family approach, and the facilities of resorts such as Sun Gardens Dubrovnik also ease the process of enjoying a successful multigenerational holiday.

Family flexibility is reflected in a number of ways. Find the appropriate family accommodation with a choice of the One, Two, and Three-bedroom residences, where cooking facilities are available should you choose to take advantage of the excellent local markets after sampling the excellent choice of resort restaurants.

Swimming is obviously a key element of any family holiday in Dubrovnik, and the choice of swimming pools available. Two are family-friendly and perfect for grandparent supervision, while the other is adults-only, a nice escape for parents looking for a little detox time alone. So too with the leisure activities, from the award-winning Spa to the multifunctional Sports Club and kids centre, which offer a range of activities to all generations.

The multigenerational way of life in southern Dalmatia is reflected in its tourism offer, and the region has long been known as a safe family destinations, where generations mix easily. Simple experiences such as shopping at a local market, sampling local produce, or coffee and ice cream at a waterfront cafe and are things enjoyed by all ages, and they help to strengthen the family holiday experience. So too many of the activities – walking tours of historic towns such as towns like Dubrovnik, combined with a cable car ride and tour of its famous walls; visits to natural beauties such as Lokrum, Mljet National Park and Trsteno arboretum.

And, of course, the most popular activity of all, popular with every visitor to Dubrovnik, no matter the age – the beach, the sun and swimming in the glistening Adriatic, an idyllic way to spend a day with extended family.

Travelling with family can be a stressful experience, but with the culture, mentality and multigenerational way of life in Dubrovnik, there are few destinations which offer a better overall experience.

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