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Off-season Travel Values

If you're looking to travel to Dubrovnik the off-season is the perfect time to go and explore this beautiful city at your own pace.

The trend of off-season travel has grown in popularity over the last several years, as travellers seek out authentic experiences and the opportunity to interact with the locals to fully embrace their way of life and connect with the destination they are traveling to, allowing them to have a more personal experience.

Dubrovnik is a stunning city, magical at any time of the year, and well worth exploring during the off-season, such as early spring and late fall. There are numerous advantages of traveling in the off-season, but the main one is that the city is less crowded than in the peak tourist season (June to August). It also a great time to come and engage with local people to learn about their lives. The locals are friendly and always ready to help you out if you're looking for some advice on where to go or what to see. 

The weather in Dubrovnik can change quite a bit from day to night, as the city is situated on the Adriatic Sea. Spring in Dubrovnik is breath-taking. The weather is warm and sunny, but not too hot. If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy an Indian summer, southern Dalmatia is looking like an excellent option. The inviting Adriatic is still warm, of course, and swimming into early October is common. The temperature during the day tends to reach a high of around 25 degrees Celsius, but it can get chilly in the evenings so you should pack a jumper with you if you visit during this period. Therefore, if you're prepared to join the off-peak travel movement, the only question left to answer is what is there to do during the spring and autumn in Dubrovnik. 

Visit the picturesque Old City, widely known for its rich heritage. Wander through the streets and lively squares and soak up the atmosphere - you can enjoy a coffee or drink in one of the many bars along the way. Don’t miss the incredible views from the City Walls. The view of the sea from this point is stunning! Take a guided tour of the town's impressive fortifications, which were built to protect the city from invaders. These bastions are considered one of the best-preserved systems of defensive walls in Europe. Walk around the imposing Pile Gate and watch the boats come and go. This gate once served as the entrance to the medieval city. Watch the sunset over Lokrum Island, which lies just off the coast of the city. It's a great spot for hiking and exploring beautiful nature.

Nature, nature, nature. The Old City of Dubrovnik is enchanting, but so is the surrounding natural beauty that blooms in spring.

Why not explore the picture-perfect Cavtat and enjoy in the delightful Dalmatian architecture? A short drive from Cavtat will bring you to the Konavle, one of the most beautiful areas of Croatia. The picturesque landscape of this region is dotted with traditional stone houses, many of which date from the age of the Dubrovnik Republic.

Or head in the other direction and explore the stunning scenery along the coast to the fabulous Pelješac Peninsula, whose entrance is guarded by the great walls of Ston, its famous salt pans and delicious oysters. Stop by Trsteno Arboretum, located just a short drive away from Dubrovnik by car, which offers gorgeous views of the Adriatic Sea and plenty of opportunities for exploring nature. There are plenty of additional possibilities to take a day excursion; how about the Neretva mandarin harvest? The options are countless.

September is an aromatic time to visit, and you can see many locals in their fields harvesting the grapes, followed by the olive harvest while also enjoying mouth-watering fresh local produce such as delicious pomegranates, figs and tomatoes. With local varieties close to Dubrovnik such as Plavac Mali, Grk, Pošip and Malvasija Dubrovačka, there are new tastes and experiences to be explored by even the most knowledgeable wine experts.

With Dubrovnik Airport operating dozens of seasonal routes, excellent events such as one of the best foodie festivals in all Europe, Good Food Festival in October, and plenty of sporting activities, wine tours and cultural heritage to enjoy at leisure now the crowds have gone, Dubrovnik is a great choice for an autumn break.

Dubrovnik also has a vibrant cultural, sport, and artistic life. It has its own theatre and symphony orchestra, various museums as well as cinemas and art galleries. Don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy a small piece of the living history of the region, the folklore dance Linđo and klapa songs, performed every weekend during the off-season on the main squares in the Old City.  If you wish to experience something different, visit Dubrovnik during the Easter celebrations, and enjoy the annual Dubrovnik Easter Fair, when the Old City comes alive with stalls selling typical Easter arts and crafts.

Everyone enjoys summer holidays, however travelling off-season comes with its benefits such as more affordable airfare, mild temperatures, less crowded at the attractions you wish to visit, the opportunity to interact with the locals, and even more opportunities to explore away from the popular tourist areas with an emphasis on the fruits of the land. The off-season also allows you to take your own time, and enjoy the city as the locals do. So, whether you are planning a weekend getaway or an extended holiday, there are many reasons why travel during the off-season is worth considering. From the beaches to the vineyards, the circle of life continues in the Dubrovnik region!

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