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Pelješac Peninsula - Heaven for Seafood Lovers and Wine Connoisseurs

Pelješac is home to so many unique experiences, from winery tours and tastings, to the finest seafood restaurants, to oyster and mussel tastings. 

These are among the many adventures awaiting visitors to the unique natural phenomena of Pelješac. The Pelješac peninsula is the perfect destination for seafood lovers and wine connoisseurs. This is an area of environmental diversity and pristine natural beauty, enchanting bays, and fresh air scented by aromatic herbs and the Adriatic Sea. This is where Croatia’s best wines have been created, drop by drop, for centuries. These wines complement a rich selection of fresh fish and seafood, to make Pelješac a true oasis of dining enjoyment.

A culinary journey through Pelješac begins in Ston, a medieval town from the 15th century, known for its 5,5 km defensive wall system. It is also home to the oldest continuously-operating salt pans in the world, which produce salt by natural methods preserved from ancient times.

The Bay of Ston has also been widely known since Roman times for its oyster and mussel farms, while oysters from Ston have been considered a natural aphrodisiac since ancient days. Ston’s most famous restaurants are often found on the list of the best restaurants in the Dubrovnik area, and are renowned for their seafood dishes. For a truly special experience, try an oyster picnic. Board a small boat through the oyster farms, pull up the oysters fresh from the bay, and taste them on the spot with a slice of lemon. The fresh flavour and scent of these natural oysters is the best gift for a discriminating palate.

Not far from Ston are many beautiful natural bays and hamlets, whose olive fields and vineyards have graced the landscape for centuries. The mild Mediterranean climate, carefully chosen location, and abundant sunshine give the wines of this region their exceptional quality. The carefully aged wines of Pelješac, which today can be found at many international exhibitions, can be tasted in the wine cellars of Potomje, Trstenik, Kuna, and Donja Banda.
The most famous Pelješac wines are Dingač and Postup. Dingač is an excellent dry red wine, grown in limited areas on the Pelješac peninsula. It is made from an indigenous variety of plavac mali grape, from the settlement of Dingač, located on the steep southern slopes of the Pelješac peninsula. The deep ruby red colour, distinctive and luxuriant bouquet, the finely accented varietal aroma, and harmoniously full flavour.

Postup is a red wine of the highest quality, whose specific geographic origin is dedicated to the production of the Plavac mali grape variety, on the southern slopes of the Pelješac peninsula. Postup has a dark ruby colour, and full bodied flavour with acidic notes. In 1961, Dingač wine was protected under the Geneva Convention and became the first Croatian wine protected by law. Postup was the second wine to receive this recognition in 1967.

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