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Sailing the Adriatic Sea

With over a thousand islands, crystal clear waters, hidden coves, sandy beaches, sheer cliff drops and jaw dropping stunning nature, the Croatian Adriatic coastline has it all and more.

Nature was having a good day when it created the Croatian coastline. The nautical history of the region effectively built the importance of the region. And the nautical theme, having changed from one of trade and conquest into tourism and pleasure, continues strongly today.

Clear seas, a gentle and forgiving climate and interesting quant coastal villages make the Dalmatian Adriatic a perfect location for sailors. The predicable winds fill your sails and your heart with glee as you glide over a turquoise sea. There are 1,185 islands in the Adriatic, but only about 50 of these are actually populated, drop anchor and find your own private island for the day. And the heavily indented coastline means that there are over 5,000 kilometres of glorious beauty.

The sheer contrast of the Adriatic Sea makes it such a magnet for the world’s sailors. Ease into a historic UNESCO World Heritage site in the morning, spend lunch in a sheltered sandy bay and then drop anchor in a charming fishing village for some fresh local produce all washed down with some local fine wine. Countless Blue Flag beaches and harbours are dotted along the whole coast, tribute to the cleanliness and quality of the sea in this region. This very contrast makes every day on the sea an adventure, and an adventure that will offer you memories for a lifetime.

These benefits have quickly reinstated the Croatian Adriatic as one of the leading nautical destinations in Europe. Quite often the journey is more important than the destination and sailing across the tranquil Adriatic Sea will absolutely bring this home to you. Explore the islets and reefs with the harmony of the wind in your sails in company of family and friends. Whether you are a novice sailor or an old hand at sea the Croatian Adriatic offers so many possibilities that you’ll find yourself longing for your next time sailing. Whether on a daytrip, weekend break or a holiday at sea sailing on the Croatian Adriatic Sea will leave you wanting more.

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