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Explore Trsteno's cultural gems through coastal trails and diverse scenery.

Distance: 9.4 km / Duration: 2:22 / Elevation: 285 m

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Enjoy breathtaking sea views on this 9,5 km hike through the enchanting villages of Orašac and Trsteno, where nature meets the Mediterranean lifestyle and history.

Start the tour by walking through the resort towards State Road D8 and then taking the underpass to the steps behind the bakery that leads directly to the village of Orašac. Once there, turn left and continue on your way to Trsteno village. 

Experience typical Mediterranean architecture and lifestyle, including people working in gardens, sun-kissed locales playing traditional card games, and children joyfully playing in the streets. The village road will lead you to a 3.5-kilometre hiking trail with views of the sea and islands.

Soak in the turquoise blue of the Adriatic Sea and the emerald green of the islands while taking a rest and relaxing in the shadow of an oak tree

When you enter Trsteno, cross the road and head towards Sv. Vid church. Take your time relaxing in the church garden and admiring the lovely views. 

The village's highlight and emblem is a 450-year-old oriental plane tree, a one-of-a-kind specimen in Europe, situated in the village's central square. According to legend, Captain Jakob Antunov brought the sapling from Constantinople and planted it near the spring. The impressive tree is over 45 meters tall and 5 meters in diameter, a sign of century-long resilience, from Turkish invaders to Napoleon's army and Russian troops to the more recent Croatian War of Independence.

Trsteno also has Europe's oldest arboretum, which dates back to the 15th century, when Dubrovnik's aristocracy Gučetić-Gozze built a summerhouse with impressive gardens. Today, it is a natural treasure open to the public and operated by the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences. Fans of the famous 'Game of Thrones' series will recognize it as the location of King's Landing's Red Keep palace gardens.

A visit to Arboretum Trsteno is not included in this route, so this can be done additionally. You can even stroll down the steps from the arboretum to the old harbour to relax, have a picnic or take a swim.

Return to Orašac and the resort the same way and enjoy the vistas of the beautiful coastline with Dubrovnik showing in the distance.

'Coastal Panorama' guided hiking tour costs 55 € per person. 

Hiking Tips:

  • Dress comfortably, layer your clothes, and wear suitable hiking shoes (no flip-flops, Crocs, sandals or similar).
  • Wearing a full-coverage hat and sunglasses, as well as applying sunscreen before going on a walk, is strongly recommended on sunny days.
  • It is a good idea to have insect repellent and a first-aid kit on hand.
  • Bring plenty of water and some energy snacks.
  • Avoid hiking in bad weather and mid-day hikes at extremely high temperatures.
  • Stick to the actual trail and well-defined paths.
  • Be responsible for your own safety at all times.

Please note that the Resort assumes no liability for potential accidents or injuries caused by engaging in any of the mentioned tours and/or experiences.

Sun Gardens Dubrovnik retains the right to change, amend and modify the times, dates and location of the programme without prior notice.

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