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Empowering Sustainability Through Energy Conservation

Discover how our resort is leading the way in sustainability through innovative energy conservation practices, including daily energy monitoring, waste heat utilization, and non-electric lawn mowing robots. Our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint is further exemplified by our energy-efficient building, classified in energy class B for annual heating energy requirements.

In today's world, sustainable practices are not just an option but a necessity. At our resort, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability, particularly in the realm of energy conservation.

Here's how we're leading the charge:

Daily energy consumption monitoring: We track our electricity, water, and gas usage daily to identify areas where we can optimize energy consumption.

Utilization of waste heat: Waste heat doesn't have to be wasted! We've implemented systems to capture and repurpose waste heat for heating domestic hot water in all our buildings and even for heating the pools in our luxurious SPA.

LED lighting: Lighting up our resort with LED technology significantly reduces our energy consumption while providing bright and welcoming spaces for our guests.

Peak power control: By controlling peak power usage, we limit the amount of electrical energy our resort draws at any given time, contributing to overall energy efficiency.

Lawn mowing robots powered by non-electric means: To maintain our beautiful lawns sustainably, we use lawn mowing robots that are powered by non-electric means, reducing our dependence on electrical power.

By focusing on energy conservation, we're not only reducing our environmental footprint but also setting an example for sustainable practices in the hospitality industry. Additionally, our hotel building is in energy class B regarding the specific annual heating energy requirement, showcasing our dedication to energy efficiency and sustainability.

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