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Discover the unspoiled nature and churches of the picturesque village of Orašac.

Distance: 6 km / Duration: 2:00 h / Elevation: 249 m

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This hike starts in the resort towards the state road D8, where it is crossed by an underpass to the other side of the road. The steps behind the bakery lead directly to Orašac, a charming hilltop village renowned for traditional Dalmatian stone houses, fragrant gardens, and breathtaking panoramic views.

Continue walking in the direction of St. Nikola Church to enjoy vibrant Mediterranean gardens with everything from citrus trees, almond trees, and olive trees to lavender, rosemary, and sage. You can also find some fascinating dry-stone walls, sub-walls, and old buildings, which are typical of the region's architecture.

Take your time at the 255 m St.Nikola viewpoint set among olive trees to enjoy the fantastic panoramic views of the Elaphite islands. On most days, the view extends to the island of Mljet!

Return to the main road, turn right, and proceed for around 1,5 km towards the church 'Our Lady of Orašac.' This lovely church was built in 1529. According to legend, Our Lady answered the prayers and protected the village, prompting locals to establish a church in her honour near the source of Good Water. The church is revered for the miraculous paintings of Our Lady of Orašac and St. John the Baptist, which are still kept in the church and are listed on Croatia's Register of Cultural Goods.

Discover the secret gem, 'Brana' lake, close to the church, where you can enjoy lovely scenery as well as the sound of nature – from frogs and birds to the breeze blowing through the trees.

When you return to Orašac village, simply follow the signs to ‘Dubrovački Vrtovi Sunca' and return to the resort in the same manner.

'Village Hike' guided hiking tour costs 50 € per person. 

Hiking Tips:

  • Dress comfortably, layer your clothes, and wear suitable hiking shoes (no flip-flops, Crocs, sandals or similar).
  • Wearing a full-coverage hat and sunglasses, as well as applying sunscreen before going on a walk, is strongly recommended on sunny days.
  • It is a good idea to have insect repellent and a first-aid kit on hand.
  • Bring plenty of water and some energy snacks.
  • Avoid hiking in bad weather and mid-day hikes at extremely high temperatures.
  • Stick to the actual trail and well-defined paths.
  • Be responsible for your own safety at all times.

Please note that the Resort assumes no liability for potential accidents or injuries caused by engaging in any of the mentioned tours and/or experiences.

Sun Gardens Dubrovnik retains the right to change, amend and modify the times, dates and location of the programme without prior notice.

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